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How it works!

  • Dealers can sign up for the snack and beverage program based on their dealership size. (With all snack subscription programs, our custom branded merchandiser is free.)
  • Dealership downloads our inventory app and will take inventory once a week.
  • This information is automatically deciphered by our machine learning algorithms to calculate exactly what your dealership refreshment needs are. Each dealer will have their own log-in for their dashboard of monthly metrics.
  • With distribution centers located throughout the US, your order ships and is received usually within 5 business days to keep your lounge area stocked with the best snacks to keep your customers coming back.
  • Invoicing is done electronically through your dealer code. It's that easy!

Inventory each week should only take 10-15 minutes

We know the time of your employees is important. That is why we designed our program to take as little time as possible each week to maintain and keep the costs down. With our mobile app, just upload your current inventory every Monday and our machine learning algorithms will determine exactly what is needed to keep your lounge stocked. No need to place orders or run to the store, we do it for you! Snacks orders ship via ground and will usually arrive within 5 business days. Beverage orders are delivered by truck also usually within 3-5 business days. (Based on location, beverage service may not available to your dealership at this time. You will be notified in the sign up phase on availability)

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