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National Refreshment Services is proud to be chosen as a preferred supplier by Stellantis

At National Refreshment Services, we offer a turn-key approach in supplying quality snacks and beverages for your dealership’s Customer Satisfaction requirements. With name brands such as Smartfood Popcorn, Kind Foods, Jack Links Jerky, Miss Vickey’s Chips, Grandma’s Cookies, Harvest Nuts and more we have designed the program to take the worry and hassle out out of your hands and make it as seamless as possible.


And by the way, shipping is FREE!

(Within the contiguous 48 states. Additional shipping for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and outside regions.)

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Cold Beverages

Teas & Roasted Coffee

How it Works How It Works Dealership downloads our inventory app and will take inventory once a week. This information is automatically deciphered by our machine learning algorithms to calculate exactly what your dealership refreshment needs are. Each dealer will have their own log-in for their dashboard of monthly metrics. Dealers can sign up for the snack and beverage program based on their dealership size. (With all snack subscription programs, our custom branded merchandiser is free.) With distribution centers located throughout the US, your order ships and is received usually within 5 business days to keep your lounge area stocked with the best snacks to keep your customers coming back. Invoicing is done electronically through your dealer code. It's that easy!

Inventory each week should only take 10-15 minutes

We know the time of your employees is important. That is why we designed our program to take as little time as possible each week to maintain and keep the costs down. With our mobile app, just upload your current inventory every Monday and our machine learning algorithms will determine exactly what is needed to keep your lounge stocked. No need to place orders or run to the store, we do it for you! Snacks orders ship via ground and will usually arrive within 5 business days. Beverage orders are delivered by truck also usually within 3-5 business days. (Based on location, beverage service may not available to your dealership at this time. You will be notified in the sign up phase on availability)

Inventory each week should only take 10-15 minutes

Once the inventory information is uploaded, our machine learning algorithms will determine exactly what is needed to keep your lounge stock. No going back to order, we do it for you! Orders will ship ground freight within two-three days. Invoicing is also automatic through your dealer code.

Slide The Merchandiser With a snack subscription, your dealership will receive a custom merchandiser with your dealer name for free. Made with a high end woodgrain finish, these displays will adjust to hold over 60 products at a time. Wood Grain Merchandiser Customize the top header with your dealer’s name, brands or custom message. Actual product selection may vary from photo
*Please see terms and conditions


We have chosen a diverse mix of snacks for this program that are high quality and are more on the outdoor/healthy side to align with Stellantis’s overall brand images. All snacks are date stamped to ensure freshness to your door. Snacks will be shipped in convenient cases.


Carbonated beverages remain a sizeable portion of the consumer market with consumers increasing looking for a variety of non-carbonated options. With this in mind, we are offering a full-service option with individual truck delivery based on your individual consumer demand. Each week when you do inventory, our algorithms will determine exactly what is needed for your replenishment. No more guessing what to get.
Note: Cold beverage service is only available to approximately 75% of the dealer base. Once you sign-in, based on your zip code, we will determine if your dealership falls within our delivery service range.

Coffee & Tea

We are proud to offer Bigelow Teas in this program. Founded in 1945, Bigelow, Inc. is dedicated to being the premier packer of truly fine quality teas. Dealers would receive a high quality tea chest with assorted flavors. We will be offering hand crafted, regional produced Great Lakes Roasted Coffee in assorted flavors. As a true micro-roaster, their coffee’s are roasted with precise temperature controls and measurements.

Dealership Pricing

For dealership pricing, please fill out a request for information and a NRS representative will contact you with program requirements and pricing.

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If your dealership is interested in this service, please fill out our contact sheet.
We will reach back out shortly with in-depth program information.
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    Based on six open days per month x 4 weeks. 24 days
    (Custom merchandiser is included with a 1 year snack subscription. Please see terms and conditions.) Snack program; All snack programs include the same items. Quantities will vary per dealership size. Snacks included are Miss Vickies chips BBQ, Miss Vickies chips Salt & Vinegar, Sun Chips Harvest, Sun Chips Garden Salsa, Smartfood Popcorn, jack Links Jerky Stick, Grandma’s Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Grandmas Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin, Kind Bar Chocolate Thins, Kind Bar Crunch Oats and Honey (Gluten Free), Harvest Mixed Nuts Coffee; Featuring Roasted Great Lakes Coffee Tea: Bigelow Tea, Eight assorted flavors with wood display chest Beverages: 12oz. Aquafina Water, 12oz Pepsi, 12oz Diet Pepsi, 12oz. Cherry Pepsi, 12oz Mountain Dew

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