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Here you'll find customer support for all the most common questions and inquiries.

Does the National Refreshment Service’s program fulfill the Stellantis requirement for upgrading our in-store customer refreshment requirements?

Yes it does.  We worked with the Stellantis HQ do come up with quality snacks and beverages that fulfill the new customer satisfaction requirements.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can.  However if you cancel the snack program prior to one full year of service, you will be charged $299 fee.

Can we return expired snack products?

Yes you can, however this should not ever happen.  With our inventory app and expected usage, each dealer should be going through their inventory of snacks well before any expiration occurs.   If you have expired products, please e-mail us with the products in question, date of expiration on the snacks, and quantity for a full credit to your account.

How will we be notified about shipments?

Each Monday we ask that your team takes inventory of the current products you have left.  We will calculate your requirements based on usage patterns to send you your next shipment.  Your designated team member will receive an e-mail with the product shipment information.

How will we get invoiced?

Each dealer will be invoiced through their dealer code number.  You will see this on your monthly statements as National Refreshment Services.

How are taxes handled?

Applicable taxes will be invoiced with each order. These are calculated by your mailing address.  These may include state and local taxes such as sugar tax for beverages.

Can I order products for my other affiliated dealerships I may own?

Yes you can.  Please e-mail us at to set this up.

Can I pick what packages I want to sign up for?

Yes, when signing up for the program you will be able to pick which packages such as snacks, beverages, coffee & tea you would like to receive.

Can I add other packages to my program in the future?

Yes, when signing up if you only elect to participate in the snack package for example, and decide you want to add the beverage package to you program at a later date, just email with your request and we will update your account and notify you of the changes being made.

How often will I be receiving product shipments?

Typically dealers will be receiving product shipments once a month, however for larger dealers (C, D & E) you may receive product shipments every two weeks depending on your usage rate.

What happens if I forget to take inventory on the Monday of a particular week?

We will send out a reminder email to please provide us your inventory and ask that you provide an updated inventory in the App as soon as possible.

Can I see how much I have spent on the program to date?

Yes, simply login into the NRS dealer website with your username and password and under order history you will be able to see all of your orders and total amount paid to date.

If I sign up for beverages, does a refrigerator come with the package?

No, dealers will be responsible for providing a refrigerator for beverages if they choose to use one.

Do I need to place orders? If so how often?

No, dealers will not need to place orders, National Refreshment Services will automatically place reorders for each dealership based on usage rates and current inventory levels you provide us in the weekly inventory reporting.

Can I pick certain products I want from each package (Snacks, Beverage, Coffee & Tea)?

No, Dealers can not pick certain products from each package they want. When you sign up for the snacks, beverage or coffee & tea packages, you will receive all of the items in that package.

Does beverage pricing include bottle deposits?

No, if your state charges a bottle deposit on beverages, your invoice will include a separate line item with the bottle deposit charges your state has implemented on beverages.

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