We have chosen a diverse mix of snacks for this program that are high quality and are more on the outdoor/healthy side to align with Stellantis’s overall brand images. All snacks are date stamped to ensure freshness to your door. Snacks will be shipped in convenient cases.

Carbonated beverages remain a sizeable portion of the consumer market with consumers increasing looking for a variety of non-carbonated options. With this in mind, we are offering a full-service option with individual truck delivery based on your individual consumer demand. Each week when you do inventory, our algorithms will determine exactly what is needed for your replenishment. No more guessing what to get. Note: Cold beverage service is only available to approximately 75% of the dealer base. Once you sign-in, based on your zip code, we will determine if your dealership falls within our delivery service range.

We are proud to offer Bigelow Teas in this program. Founded in 1945, Bigelow, Inc. is dedicated to being the premier packer of truly fine quality teas. Dealers would receive a high quality tea chest with assorted flavors.

The Merchandiser

With a snack subscription, your dealership will receive a custom merchandiser with your dealer name for free.